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Music production can be described as bringing your song to it's full potential so you can confidently share it with your family, friends, or the entire world!


Production is crucial for a song's success as it shapes the overall sound. This often involves enhancing or re-recording the demo instruments, adding additional instruments, editing, vocal tuning, mixing and mastering. 


How does it work? Once your song is written and a demo is recorded, the session is then sent to me for production. Before I start, we can chat about your vision for the song's overall sound, any instruments you'd like added, and any other ideas you have. I want to hear your thoughts as well as your musical influences - my goal as your producer is to bring your vision of your song to life!


Check out the video below to hear the comparisons between several of my clients' demos and the final produced versions. Be sure to listen on good speakers or headphones!

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