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Greg graduated from Musicians Institute with a Commercial Music Degree and has been teaching guitar and bass for over 20 years. His cutting edge teaching style makes his students WANT to practice. With emphasis on learning songs, he teaches practical music theory, proper technique, improvisation, sight reading, ear training, and of course a bunch of cool tunes! Lessons are held either at his home studio in Sherman Oaks, CA or remotely via Zoom. 


I've been playing guitar off and on for 40 years, not growing much as a player. I stayed in a very limited range within the Blues and Rock universe and my skills were very limited. 

I live in The Bay Area and after two years of weekly Zoom lessons, Greg has taken me much further than I had thought possible. I'm creating original songs which Greg produces and my guitar solos have become much more art than rote. I feel I am progressing faster the more I learn! With a combination of deep understanding of who he is teaching, coupled with fantastic patience, Greg always makes you feel good about your playing. He has a sneaky way of adding in music theory without ever making it boring or tedious. He just builds it into the playing process organically!

Lessons are fun and a wonderful and creative break from my business life. One of the most fulfilling moments in this journey is seeing Greg’s face light up when I play something really well! - Adiel Gorel, CEO, ICG


I study with Greg online, from Berlin. I cannot recommend him more highly if you are looking for a guitar teacher. His enthusiasm for the instrument and positive energy is infectious, and it's an honour to be taught by him. It takes real talent as a teacher to create a learning experience which is both so much fun AND so effective. Guitar is a hard thing to teach well, and Greg is an expert at it: he's a brilliant player and a brilliant teacher, with such  a clear passion for both things. I feel so lucky that I found him, and thoroughly recommend studying with him to anyone reading this.  - Zia, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

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